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IPJ hosts a regularly updated data base of American Indian related Ph.D. from 2006 the present. The dissertation coverage includes all languages and is international in scope as far as Dissertation Abstracts covers. This includes most European universities, South African universities, and a few in the Far East. They do not cover all the universities in the world, but do a pretty good job covering first world universities. There is no coverage of Latin American universities' dissertations. The data base is updated in each Winter and Summer issue of IPJ, and sometimes between issues. Since ProQuest, the proviser of the lists of dissertations from which Jonathan and Jay find Indigenous dissertations, no longer goes by months/years there will be titles from various years added in the updates.
The majority of this list has been compiled by:
Jonathon Erlen, Ph.D., History of Medicine Librarian, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh (
and Jay Toth, M.A., Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Freedonia (

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The Kuh-Ke-Nah broadband governance model: How social enterprise shaped internet services to accommodate indigenous community ownership in Northwestern Ontario, Canada (circa 1997 to 2007) Abstract
Fiser, Adam Paul
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Education for the Seventh Generation: A First Nations School Reform Model Abstract
Montour, Barry M.
Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University
Native American students: Perceptions of lived experiences attending a small predominantly white university in the Upper Midwest Abstract
Simons, Dennis Richard
Teaching and Learning, University of North Dakota
Can the Assembly of First Nations Education Action Plan Succeed? Colonialism's Effect on Traditional Knowledge in Two Communities Abstract
Spence, Martha E.
Theory and Policy Studies, University of Toronto
Living and working in the enchanted lands: American Indian tourism labor, development, and activism, 1900-1970 Abstract
Rohde, Melissa
History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Exploring the impact of ongoing colonial violence on Aboriginal students in the postsecondary classroom Abstract
Cote-Meek, Sheila
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, University of Toronto
Rewriting Marpole: The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia Abstract
Clark, Terence Norman
Anthropology, University of Toronto
Race, Gender and Colonialism: Public Life among the Six Nations of Grand River, 1899--1939 Abstract
Norman, Alison Elizabeth
Theory and Policy Studies, University of Toronto
A Lexical Semantic Study of Dene Suline, an Athabaskan Language Abstract
Holden, Joshua
Linguistique et Traduction, Universite de Montreal
Breast cancer survival in Ontario's First Nations women: Understanding the determinants Abstract
Sheppard, Amanda Joan
School of Public Health, University of Toronto
"Three Hundred Leagues Further Into the Wilderness" Conceptualizations of the Nonhuman during Wendat-French Culture Contact, 1609--49: Implications for Environmental Social Work and Social Justice Abstract
Dylan, Arielle
Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
Camping at the Caribou Crossing: Relating Palaeo-Eskimo Lithic Technological Change and Human Mobility Patterns in Southeastern Victoria Island, Nunavut Abstract
Riddle, Andrew Thomas Ray
Anthropology, University of Toronto
Leadership experiences of an American Indian education leader serving Indian students in an Indian community Abstract
Johnson, Wayne
Educational Leadership, University of Missouri - Columbia
The Indigenous Movement in Ecuador as Decolonial Actor: A Concept-Centered Analysis of its Discourse Abstract
Altmann, Philipp
Institute for Latin American Studies,
Violence in the lower Illinois River Valley (ca AD 700-1250): An examination of injuries at Schild utilizing taphonomy, paleopathology and forensic science Abstract
Spencer, Susan Dale
Anthropology, Indiana University
Policy contestations: Making meaning in Indigenous education in Washington State Abstract
Winstead, Teresa M.
Anthropology, Indiana University
"En todo se hallaron los tlaxcaltecas": The Measure of Conquest in Sixteenth-Century New Spain Abstract
Amaral, Jannette
Latin American and Iberian Cultures, Columbia University
Landscapes of disadvantage: The structure of American Indian poverty from the reservation to the metropolis in the early 21st century Abstract
Mauer, Kathryn Whitney
Development Sociology, Cornell University
Differential perceptions of neglect for Native-American families: An experimental design Abstract
Locklear, Alice Kay
School of Public Service Leadership, Capella University
Native American land use legacies in the present day landscape of the eastern United States Abstract
Johnson, Sarah E.
Forest Ecology, Pennsylvania State University
Community based risk assessment of exposure to waterborne contaminants on the Crow Reservation, Montana Abstract
Eggers, Margaret Joy Slack
Microbiology, Montana State University
"More than forts": A study of High Elevation Enclosures within the Pambamarca Fortress Complex, Ecuador Abstract
Anderson, Amber Marie
Anthropology, State University of New York at Buffalo
Exploratory research on the big horn medicine wheel acting as an indigenous place-based pedagogical instrument for learning sky-earth relationships, skywatching fundamentals, and celestial mechanics Abstract
Merriot, Fisher-Herriges, Ivy T.
History and Philosophy, Montana State University
The effects of a Career Exploration Experience on the employability of disadvantaged Native Alaskan youth Abstract
Smiley, Richard Harry
Education, University of Southern California
Development of a cultural values and beliefs scale among Dakota/Nakota/Lakota people: Psychometric properties and an initial validation Abstract
Reynolds, W. Rusty
Law, University of South Dakota
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