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IPJ hosts a regularly updated data base of American Indian related Ph.D. from 2006 the present. The dissertation coverage includes all languages and is international in scope as far as Dissertation Abstracts covers. This includes most European universities, South African universities, and a few in the Far East. They do not cover all the universities in the world, but do a pretty good job covering first world universities. There is no coverage of Latin American universities' dissertations. The data base is updated in each Winter and Summer issue of IPJ, and sometimes between issues. Since ProQuest, the proviser of the lists of dissertations from which Jonathan and Jay find Indigenous dissertations, no longer goes by months/years there will be titles from various years added in the updates.
The majority of this list has been compiled by:
Jonathon Erlen, Ph.D., History of Medicine Librarian, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh (
and Jay Toth, M.A., Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Freedonia (

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Subsistence patterns as markers of cultural exchange: European and Taino interactions in the Dominican Republic Abstract
VanderVeen, James M.
Dept. of Anthropology, Indiana University
The Nez Perce Tribe vs. elite-directed development in the lower Snake River basin: The struggle to breach the dams and save the salmon Abstract
Colombi, Benedict J.
Dept. of Anthropology, Washington State university
Unsettling: Land dispossession and enduring inequity for the Q'eqchi' Maya in the Guatemalan and Belizean frontier colonization process Abstract
Grandia, Liza
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
Sovereign bodies: Women, health care, and federal Indian policy, 1890--1986 Abstract
Hancock, Christin Lee
Dept. of American Civilization, Brown University
Citizen lives: California Indian country, 1855--1940 Abstract
Schneider, Khal Ross
Dept. of History, University of California, Berkeley
Supreme Court interpretation and policymaking in American Indian policy Abstract
Vinzant, John Harlan
Dept. of Political Science, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Resistance among Mixtec Indians of Oaxaca to the official school: 1920--1952 Abstract
Rivera, Gregorio Eduardo
College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago
Campus racial climate as perceived by undergraduate American Indian students attending the University of North Dakota Abstract
Lindquist Mala, Cynthia A.
Dept. of Educational Leadership, University of North Dakota
Stories of sacrifice and survival: Discovering student life in the early years of Haskell Institute, 1884--1900 Abstract
Milk, Theresa
Dept. of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, University of Kansas
The role of social cognition in early syntax: The case of joint attention in argument realization in child Inuktitut Abstract
Skarabela, Barbora
School of Education, Boston University
The Nisenan: Dialects and districts of a speech community Abstract
Tatsch, Sheri Jean
Native American Studies, University of California, Davis
"Pushing from their hearts a new song": The (re)construction of the feminine in American Indian women's poetry Abstract
Cagle, Amanda Nicole Bass
Literatures, Cultures and Languages, University of Connecticut
Weaving wisps of narrative: Intersections in African American and Native American literary traditions from 1965--2000 Abstract
Davis, LaRose
Dept. of English, Emory University
White images in the Indian mind: A study of the American Indian novel Abstract
Marsh, Janet Zimmerman
Dept. of English, Northern Illinois University
Late prehistoric territorial expansion and maintenance in the south-central Sierra Nevada, California Abstract
Morgan, Christopher Thomas
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Davis
Taking the measure of New Mexico's colonial miners, mining, and metallurgy Abstract
Vaughan, Charles David
Dept. of ANthropology, University of New Mexico
The poison grows next to its cure: Life history, substance abuse, ritual, and self-transformation on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation Abstract
Bing, John Burnett
Dept. of Anthropology, Emory University
Developing a professional learning community among mathematics teachers on two Montana Indian reservations Abstract
Nelson, Karma Grace
Dept. of Education, University of Montana
Getting a life in rural America: Life course models, derailment, and resilience among Cherokee and Anglo emerging adults Abstract
Brown, Ryan Andrew
Dept. of Anthropology, Emory University
"So, how long have you been Native?": Self-commodification in the Native-owned cultural tourism industry Abstract
Bunten, Alexis C
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
Honoring stories: Aboriginal media, art, and activism in Vancouver Abstract
Dowell, Kristin L
Dept. of Anthropology, New York University
This land is your land, this land is mine: The socioeconomic implications of land use among the Jicarilla Apache and Arden communities Abstract
Wazaney, Bradford D.
Dept. of Anthropology, Washington State University
Mesoamerica and Southwest prehistory, and the entrance of humans into the Americas: Mitochondrial DNA evidence Abstract
Kemp, Brian Matthew
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Davis
The ruins of modernity: The Maya in the modernist imagination, 1839--2003 Abstract
Lerner, Jesse
Cultural Studies, The Claremont Graduate University
A world of contradiction: Race and redemption in Puritan New England Abstract
Bailey, Richard Allan
Dept. of History, University of Kentucky
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