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Johnston, Jodi, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)
Junne Jr., George H.


Ketchum, Scott
Ketchum, Terry Scott, Oklahoma Choctaw Nation (United States)
Killsback, Leo
Kimelberg, David, Seneca Holdings LLC
King, Clynt, Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation
King, Hayden
Kirschner, Stefan
Kirshner, Stefan
Kohen, Dafna (Canada)
Kokoris, Moki
Kokoris, Moki, Co-Coordinator of the Indigenous Working Group of the UN Climate Change Caucus
Kubik, Wendee
Kuhn, Katie, George Washington University (United States)


Lama, Gyanesh, California State University, Fresno (United States)
Lee, Lloyd L. (United States)
Lee, Lloyd Lance, University of New Mexico (United States)
Lee, Lloyd L., Native American Studies University of New Mexico (United States)
Lerma, Michael, Politics and International Affairs, Applied Indigenous Studies Northern Arizona University
Lerner, Rabbi Michael
LittleChild, Chief Wilton
Looking Horse, Chief Arvol (United States)
Looking Horse, Chief Arvol
, University of British Columbia

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