Vol 32, No 1 (2021)

Summer 2021

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Summer 2021)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Summer 2021)

Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Summer 2021)


Thirty by Thirty and Half Earth: Promises and Pitfalls
Howie Wolke
A Note on the How of achieving 30-30 and Half Earth
Stephen Sachs
Water Is Life. Can We Protect It?
Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
More Important Than Gold, Water Should Not Be Traded on Wall Street
Avexnim Cojti
Part of Nature, Co-existing and Sharing: Insights from Boabeng Fiema
Samuel Afutor
15 Calls to Action that Honor Indigenous Rights: An Open Letter to the Biden-Harris Administration
Cultural Survival
The Power of the White Man and his Symbols is Being Demystified
Irma Alicia Velasquez
Comments on a Legal Review of Canadian Parliament Bill C-15
Russell Diabo
A Review of All of the Relevant AFN Resolutions Regarding UNDRIP
Russell Diabo
Letter to PM and Press Release Opposing CANDRIP (Bill C-15)
Kitchenuhmaykoosib lnninuwug
An Open Letter of Support to Indigenous Leader, Sonia Guajajara and Indigenous Peoples in Brazil
Cultural Survival

Research Notes

80 Ways Nuke Power Is a Catastrophic Failure
Harvey Wasserman
Part of Nature, Co-existing and Sharing: Insights from Boabeng Fiema
Samuel Afutor
Hank Adams: Indian Country’s Prolific Genius
Mark Trahant
In Memoriam: Indigenous Human Rights Defenders Murdered in 2020 in Latin America
Cultural Survival
Guatemala’s Land Defenders Are Still Their Own Best Defense
Ellen Moore, Jen Moore
Five years after the 'sowing' of Berta Caceres
Laura Carlsen
Community Organizing Leads to Success in Defending Land and Water in Puebla, Mexico
Bia’ni Madsa, Juárez López, Sócrates Vásquez
An Open Letter by Indigenous Peoples to Indigenous Peoples in Brazil on Surviving COVID-19
Cultural Survival
Myanmar’s Military Coup Poses Hardships for Indigenous Peoples
Dev Kumar Sunuwar
The Military Coup In Myanmar And Its Impact On Indigenous Peoples
Cultural Survival


Alice Kay Locklear
Cassandra R. Davis

Media Notes

Media Notes (Summer 2021)

Useful Websites

Useful Websites (Summer 2021)