Vol 31, No 3 (2020)

Winter 2020

Table of Contents

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Winter 2021)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Winter 2021)

Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Winter 2021)


The Biden-Harris plan to create union jobs by tackling the climate crisis
Biden-Harris Campaign
The Biden-Harris plan to advance racial equity
Biden-Harris Campaign
The Biden-Harris Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families
Biden-Harris Campaign
"Whitewashed Hope: A Message from 10+ Indigenous Leaders and Organizations"
Cultural Survival
Statement on Loss of Home
MIGIZI Board of Directors
Acts of Solidarity on Indigenous Peoples Day and Beyond
Daisee Francour
Columbus Must Come Down: Why A Monument to White Supremacy Can’t Stay in Boston’s Waterfront Park
Phillippa Pitts
Gary August Schlueter
Including Indigenous People with Disabilities in COVID-19 Responses
Phillippa Pitts
Indigenous Peoples Should Reject Canada’s UNDRIP Bill C-15: It’s not all That Meets the Eye
Russ Diabo
National Chief Bulletin: Update on Federal Bill to advance implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on December 3, 2020
National Chiefs Bulletin
An Uncertain Future of the Ryukyu under Abe’s Japan
Karen Smith

Research Notes

Global Food System Emissions Alone Threaten Warming Beyond 1.5°C—But We Can Act Now to Stop It We Have to Switch the Energy Sources Powering Farms and Food Production from Fossil Fuels to Renewables, While Halting the Deforestation that Creates New Farmland.
John Lynch
Shane Morigeau's Retail Politics. Montana Style
Mark Trahant
Native TV Commercials: The Good Shot Native Candidates Use Videos to Define their Story #NATIVEVOTE20
Mark Trahant
Return of Idaho's Sockeye Salmon
Mark Trahant
Fires in Amazonia: Going Beyond Protection of Indigenous Rights
Edson Krenak Naknanuk
Native Solidarity with Black Lives Matter as Both Communities Confront Centuries-Long State Violence
Erica Belfi
A Note on Community Policing
Stephen M. Sachs
Cementing Dispossession: Terror and Violence of the Brazilian Navy Against Quilombola Peoples
Edson Krenak Naknanuk
Intercultural Health: Chile’s Path Towards Recognizing Indigenous Health Sovereignty
Calfin Lafkenche
Destruction of Juukan Cave a Loss to Humanity
Sam Ben-Meir
Sites of Power Differentials in Kashmir: Self-Determination as Anti-Colonial Resistance Under Un-/polic/e/y-ed Genocidal Colonial Social Order
Binish Ahmed

Media Notes

Media Notes (Winter 2021)