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Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreement -between- Métis Nation of Alberta -and- Canada:

This attached agreement is a template Self-Government Agreement the Trudeau government is pushing at so-called “Recognition and Self-Determination” Tables for BOTH Metis and First Nations in Treaty and Non-Treaty Areas. I know this for a fact!

I have seen this same template agreement with the term “First Nations” instead of “Metis” throughout the agreement.

This agreement confirms Canada’s (Chretien’s) 1995 so-called ‘Inherent Right’ to Self-Government Policy is still in force!

To me this proves the federal Indigenous “distinctions based” approach is just a cover for a pan-Indigenous approach to section 35 rights. In my opinion it is to undermine and water down First Nation rights.

Add to this the fact that the Metis are involved in the “redesign” of the comprehensive claim and ‘Inherent right’ policies, as the Crown-Indigenous Relations Departmental plan for 2020-2021 states:

CIRNAC will continue ongoing work with First Nations, Inuit and Métis to redesign the Comprehensive Land Claims and Inherent Right policies. CIRNAC will continue to work in partnership with pre-1975 treaty First Nations through treaty commissions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba on the affirmation of Indigenous rights and self-determination as well as through treaty discussion tables. [emphasis added]

This document also proves to me that the federal so-called “Recognition and Self-Determination” Tables are to channel Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Metis & Inuit) into Canada’s (Chretien’s) 1995 ‘Inherent Right’ to Self-Government Policy, which so far, has not been replaced or “redesigned” as the Trudeau government puts it.


Canada-Aboriginal Process: First Ministers’ Meeting - Kelowna.


Continued Racism and Discrimination of Secwépemc Peoples by Continued Construction of and Issuance of Permits for Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project without Secwépemc Peoples Free, Prior Informed Consent


The Indian Act: Protection, Control, Or Assimilation? A Review Of Crown Policy & Legislation, 1670-1996. - 16 September 1996.

Prepared under the direction of AFN National Chief Ovide Mercredi in 1996, while I was AFN Indian Act Amendments Coordinator. Written by Peter Di Gangi and edited by me.

It was written for Chiefs, Councils, Advisors and Peoples, but it is a good primer for anyone who wants to know about the Indian Act, which is still in force today for the majority of Indian Bands and Band Councils across Canada.


NARWHAL ARTICLE - Industry, government pushed to abolish Aboriginal title at issue in Wet'suwet'en stand-off, docs reveal with 3 pdf files

In 1997, when the Doctrine of Discovery-Supreme Court of Canada Delgamuukw decision was issued I was working as a Research Director for a Traditional Use Study of the Neskonlith & Adams Lake Bands. I worked mainly with Neskonlith Chief Art Manuel, who was also spokesperson for Interior Alliance Nations in the South Central part of BC.

In response to the Delgamuukw decision, the BC government worked with the feds to speed up the British Columbia Treaty Commission surrender process while Chief Art Manuel pushed to create the AFN Delgamuukw Implementation Strategic Committee (DISC) where DISC worked for recognition of Aboriginal Title by 1) convincing the federal government to change the Comprehensive Land Claims Policy to conform to the Delgamuukw decision; or if the feds didn’t agree to change their policy 2) Seek a judicial review of the federal Comprehensive Land Claims Policy in light of the Delgamuukw decision, but there was an AFN election in 2000 and the new National Chief Matthew Coon Come killed our DISC process!


URGENT! Defenders of the Land, Truth Campaign, Idle No More Networks - Statement of Support For Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs & Clans


Example of Trudeau Government's Conversion of Indian Act Bands Into 4th Level Self-Government  - Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement (Anga) Legal Review


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