Canadian Government Goal for New Arrangement with First Nations

provided by Russell Diabo

“Indicator - Number of communities where Treaties, Self-Government, and other Constructive Arrangements have been concluded”

“Date to achieve target - March 2021”

“Target - At least 197”


“Baseline: 157 (2019) Indigenous communities (population: 331,592). 98 First Nations, 52 Inuit communities, and 7 Metis Organizations. 156,444 First Nation population, 51,645 Inuit population, and 123,503 Metis population.”

“Rationale: This indicator measures the number of Indigenous communities where treaties, self-government agreements, and other constructive arrangements have been concluded. It also demonstrates that collaboration and cooperation with Indigenous peoples are being strengthened. The conclusion of treaties, self-government agreements and other constructive arrangements is the highest measure of self-determination, the recognition of Indigenous rights and a strong step towards advancing reconciliation. Target number of communities where treaties, self-government agreements and recognition of indigenous rights and self-determination agreements that have been concluded is determined through consultation with TAG negotiation branches to identify agreements that are projected to be concluded in the upcoming fiscal year.”

“This indicator includes modern treaties, self-government tables and other constructive arrangements (including recognition of Indigenous rights and self-determination agreements since 2015). It excludes specific claims (including those over $150M), pre-1975 (historic) treaties and other historical grievances settlements like out-of-court- and special claims. For the purposes of this indicator, the number of Indigenous communities is defined as including recognized First Nations, Inuit communities, and Metis organizations. Program will include the total number of concluded agreements in the narrative.”

“Gender-based: N/A Distinction-based: Available for First Nations, Inuit, Métis and overall Indigenous.”

SOURCE: Treasury Board Secretariat


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