50 Years of Earth Day: Will we Have 100? - A Comment

Stephen M. Sachs*

Ms. Hurley is quite correct that in the last 50 years, at least until 2017, a great deal had been accomplished to protect the environment in many areas, but there was, and is, still a huge set of tasks to accomplish if we are to harmonize adequately with the planet and its vast number of beings sufficiently to avoid major catastrophe. In the United States, and elsewhere, the rate of environmental destruction was slowed in some areas, while in others various levels of improvement were accomplished. But since early 2017, the task has not only been to build much further and faster on what has already been done, but also to stop the Trump administration's efforts to undue a wide range of the essential, but insufficient, gains that had been realized. And Trump and company have not been alone, with perhaps Brazil's current President Bolsonaro the worst culprit. So if we human beings are to have a positive 100th Earth Day, we now have to double our effort.

*Stephen M. Sachs is Coordinating Editor of Nonviolent Cchange, and Senior Editor of Indigenous Policy ( IPJ: www.indigenouspolicy.org). He has been teaching, speaking, and writing on environmental issues for more than forty years.


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